Sollevagambe COOLMAX® FRESH F X™

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Sollevagambe COOLMAX® FRESH F X™


Contouring made from flexible and non-deformable polyurethane
foam with the top part in Waterlily™ VE memory
viscoelastic memory polyurethane.

Three-level Jacquard woven fabric pillowcase with Coolmax
® fresh FX™ yarn.

Height 17 cm
Dimensions 81X85 cm
Tolerance +/- 15%

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Effective aid in preventing the annoying disorder of night-time gastroesophageal reflux.
Also recommended for patients with cardiac decompensation and respiratory problems.
It has an ergonomic and adaptable shape and is sensitive to temperature.
The pillowcase contains the innovative Coolmax® fresh FX™ yarn
that keeps users of the pillow cool, comfortable and dry.

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